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Welcome to School Librarians United, a podcast dedicated to the nuts and bolts of running a successful school library.  Tune in to learn all about the issues and challenges school librarians face everyday!  Feedback and episode suggestions welcome.  

Oct 15, 2018

Join me as I consider collaboration with building teachers, principal, school district and fellow school librarians.  How does our schedule affect the collaboration and impact we can make?

Amp up your classroom: Collaborate with your School Librarian By Laura Gardner

Collaborating with your School Librarian By Jamie Gregory

Shannon McClintock Miller’s Blog The Library Voice and her post “My Tips &  Helpful Google Docs for Awesome Collaboration Between Teacher Librarians and Teachers!”

Levels of Libary Services and Instructional Services By J. Moreillon with Misti Werle

Digging Deeper by Connecting Understandings of Collaboration By Georgina Trebbe in AASL’s Knowledge Quest

10 Ways Administrators Should Be Collaborating With Their Librarians By Nader Qaimari