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Welcome to School Librarians United, a podcast dedicated to the nuts and bolts of running a successful school library.  Tune in to learn all about the issues and challenges school librarians face everyday!  Feedback and episode suggestions welcome.  

Mar 22, 2020

Wendy Garland shares strategies for promoting both her library program and nonfiction collection.

I would like to thank composer Nazar Rybak at for the music you’ve heard today.  

MSLA (Feb 2018) Recipe for a Lunch Bunch 

Blog: Listen. Connect. Empower.

Reader Leader Launch

Reader Leaders Buy Books

Open Library during Recess

One Book Dedham 

“Unorganized disaster”

Nonfiction neighborhoods

Coding With Diverse Books


Nonfiction activities in our library

Clipboard: 2nd grade Scavenger Hunt

Tables: 2nd Color the books you like

Clipboard: 3rd grade Scavenger Hunt

Clipboard: 4th Interest Inventory

Tables: 5th Interest Inventory